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Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosts use the resources of a hosting company to sell it as their own by purchasing the services wholesale before selling those services to a third party at a profit. This is particularly profitable to businesses that provide website design and offer hosting as an extra service or as part of the design package.

Some web hosts contract with reseller hosts to charge just for each client, so that a certain rate is paid when another client is acquired. There are also various packages that can be chosen from, as well as many possible features that benefit both the reseller and his or her clients. These can include but are not restricted to disc space and bandwidth, domain hosting, e-mail services, monitoring.

Many people who provide internet technology products and services use reseller hosting to bring in a bit more money as well as a new section of clients who want all of their internet needs met by the same business. Graphic designers, website designers and developers, database programmers, and people who consult on internet marketing often use reseller web hosting to offer their clients hosting beside their regular services. They buy the web space in bulk, allowing them to sell it at a good discount.

While there are scammers in any business, most reseller hosts are very reputable and provide their clients with high quality services. When dealing with reseller web hosting, it often takes a bit more time to get help during an outage or website malfunctions because the reseller has to go back to the parent company for assistance and customer support. Some do decrease offered features or increase the cost of hosting to turn a greater profit, though.

It is important to take care when dealing with a reseller, especially since they control the web sites that are hosted through them. While it does not happen often, it important to be aware that this control means that they can refuse access to files. In the event that this happens, the parent hosting company can be contacted for assistance.

Those interested in becoming a reseller web host are often looking for a simple, affordable way to start a business and market themselves to prospective clients, or to add a new feature to the services that they already provide. Hosting companies that offer reselling now make it very easy. It is important to research hosting companies that offer reselling opportunities to find the best deal and widest selection of features. Comparing will help to determine which is best for the business’ budget and needs. A business that is already established should know about how many of its future customers will desire hosting through them as well as how many current clients might be willing to switch web hosts. This will influence the variety, size, and cost of hosting packages that are offered to clients. Determining price is key – overpricing can drive away clients, while a price that is set too low might cost the business income. The parent hosting company should provide instructions that aid in easy setup for each type of package that will be sold. When everything has been arranged with the parent company, the reseller can begin providing clients with hosting services immediately.

Reseller web hosting is extremely convenient for people who do not know how to set up their own sites. They can have everything – from purchase of a URL to graphics creation and every necessary step in between – conveniently performed through a single business and with one transaction, instead of being forced to keep track of a dozen services to fulfill their needs. It is also a great, profitable way for a business that is already providing internet-based services to increase its income and bring in new clients without having to train employees in new areas or buy new equipment and expensive software.

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